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Sosbee Ventures, LLC
105 Old Epps Bridge Rd.
Suite D
Athens, Georgia 30606
(706) 425-0777 Office
(706) 540-2241 Cell
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Builder Warranty

2 Month/10 Month Punch List

Please utilize the form below to list any items that you feel will require the attention of our Service Department. This list should be submitted to Sosbee Ventures on the first of the month during your 2nd month and 10th month anniversary. Once we receive your list, our Service Representative will call and schedule an appointment with you.

We ask that you please read the following:

Sosbee Ventures utilizes the National Association of Home Builders Residential Construction Performance Guidelines during inspections and/or repairs as a guideline. Please contact Sosbee Venturesfor a copy of the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines. One complimentary copy will be provided to each customer.  Additional copies may be purchased for $10 per booklet.

We ask that our office receive your list during your 2nd and 10th month of occupancy in order for it to be covered and completed by the end of your one-year warranty. After your one year anniversary there will be no additions, modifications, or changes made to the list.

We ask that you please number all items. This will be a convenience to both of us, when discussing your items over the phone.

Contractor (Sosbee Ventures):  Our chief responsibility at Sosbee Ventures is completing the project.  We will often employ other sub contractors to help complete the build.  In most circumstances we are responsible for all work delegated to the sub contractor we hire.  If the customer chooses to hire others to help complete the job then any problems that arise due to the outside help will not fall under Sosbee Ventures’ responsibility.

Consumer: Anything that is considered to be normal wear and tear to anything in or out of the home will not be covered under warranty, 2- month punch-list or 10-month punch-list. Customers should note that in the Residential Construction Guidelines the contractor is not obligated to make repairs to items that fall within the consumer’s maintenance responsibilities such as; heat and air filters, maintaining air humidity between 40% and 50% in the home, cleaning of gutters, yard care, etc.

Manufacturer: Manufacturers warrant many of the construction components that may fall outside the range of Sosbee Ventures’ responsibilities, such as; kitchen appliances, furnaces, air conditioners, windows, doors, lighting and plumbing fixtures. Certain types of siding, roofing, and flooring may also be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.  If problems arise with any of these products the consumer will need to contact the manufacturer directly.  Sosbee Ventures will assist you in getting in contact with the proper manufacturer.

We would like to thank you for selecting Sosbee Ventures. We wish you and your family many happy years in your new home.

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